Unlucky Mohammad Nazmul Hossain

If there is any player in Bangladesh’s cricket history, then the name will be on top of all the Nazmul Hossain.

Nazmul Hossain was born in Habiganj district today in 1987. Najmul Bhai’s birthday on behalf of the cricket team has many wishes and good wishes.

In 2004, the one-dayer debut came when South Africa’s 6-1-17-0 did not take the wicket and came to the attention of the extraordinary line-length, which played an important role in the one-day format. In the 3rd match, against New Zealand, they bowled out for 224 runs in 4 wickets and the team lost the batsmen. In 2004, Bangladesh did not get any wicket in the first match against India, and the spell team won 7-0-26-0.


Great economical bowling is a problem for India’s runs, while Matthew Hayden’s maiden triumph in Bangladesh’s first win against Australia in 2005 was a fantastic one-liner Dr Nazmul gave it.
But the injury kept Nazmul out of the field for two years, before Zimbabwe’s 44 runs in #Allalling the start of the nasamulai first in the beginning was terrible spell 6-0-10-2. Sri Lanka’s first 6/5 wickets in the 2009 Triennial Tournament to remember everyone, remembering that Nazmul was helpless in the match, the Sri Lankan batsmen were the first spell 6-03-8-3.



Bangladesh won the match against New Zealand in 2010. When he got the chance he went to take a return catch at the end of the match. Nazmul first spell 5-01-20-3 against Sri Lanka in Asia Cup in 2012, which played a key role in Bangladesh’s victory, the match was the last match of the last match of the Nazmul career. Final match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup and Nazmul’s last match took 8-01-36-1, in the last over, Captain Mushfiq did not tell Nazmul to the ball and gave the #Shahadat the result of which everyone knows and here is an unknown reason for Nazmul’s career. The 38-match 44-wicket triumph in one-day internationals is his highest rating of 5.04.


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