We are Friends forever

Lionel Messi and Neymar have fought for four consecutive seasons with Barcelona’s jersey on their shoulders. A couple of Spanish giant couples have contributed a lot to the chase. Yet when Barcelona left Barcelona, ​​Neymar joined Paris in Saint-Germain (PSG), and everyone was saying that the decision of the Brazilian superstar to come out of the shadow of Messi is basically

The two friends of the two friends were seen again in the ‘The Best FIFA Award’ ceremony held in London on Monday. The Brazilian star forward said that, despite the current address of the two, their friendship will remain intact forever.

On the occasion of Messi, Neymar was all set to sit on the side of the show, and he had a smile. Neymar said after the ceremony, “Messi and I did not talk about football. We have talked about other issues. He is my friend No matter where we are, our friendships will remain intact.

Messi & Neymar
Messi & Neymar

There was no drama about Neymar’s change. After a lot of water was lost, the record for 222 million euros left the Nou camp and the French star Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) joined the Forward.

After joining Neymar PSG, Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartmeau said that Neymar and his father were wrong to believe in an interview.
In response, Neymar also called the President of Barca ‘Joker’. However, in the ‘Best FIFA Award’ event, both of them are seen to be smiling together. Neymar told Radio Mark that he had chaired the President of the Barca! Although he did not know whether he had accepted it.

Earlier, Neymar was in front of the journalists during the ceremony with the national team, Barcelona and current PSG teammate Dani Alvez. There the Brazilian star said that his respect for the former club will be a lifetime. Barca will always remain in his heart. After joining Pesci from Barcelona, ​​the frustrated supporters were upset over him. But one of his words certainly touched the heart of Barca fans.


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