Brazil announces World Cup final team for Fifa world cup 2018 
One of the toughest tests of any of the coaches made by the World Cup team. But it was easier for Titus to get the job done before. This group has become a ‘party’ for many days. Those chains are in the team. He had announced the names of 16 people, who had returned to the frustration circle, to bring his original yellow juice extracted. Only one of these were forced to change. Dani Alvez has been knocked out due to injury.

8 people associated with 15 people in the old list Florence has come to the place of Corinthians’s fullback Fagner. Although Manchester City will have to fight with Danilo to get XI in place.

The rest of the teams, where 28 people are heading towards the primary team, did not get much trouble in Brazil. Instead of the primary team, the final team announced for the World Cup, the coach announced. Brazil will announce the team of 23, it was predicted earlier. As a result, there is no surprise at the final announcement of the team, there is no big surprise in the team of 23. The rest of the four people play at the top clubs in Europe.

After the World Cup, after the World Cup, the two Copa América in Brazil, with the exception of the name of the incomprehensible shame of record, left the record for the rescue of Brazil took responsibility in June 2016. In the last two years gradually created the party. 64 people have played back Among them, 23 of the World Cups have been selected.

Brazil, being overwhelmed again, is the favorite of the World Cup. They did not lose a match in the 18 match-long qualifying match. Two draws, 16 matches to win. In all, the goal is to digest only three. One penalty from one penalty to another. Only Neymar’s led attack, not with the best of midfielders, Brazil will be present at the World Cup in the balance Brazil’s title-rivals, this group of 23 people could become terrified.

On 21 May the team players were asked to report to the camp. The group will fly on 27 May for London. The Champions League Final will join here on May 28. The remaining members of the game will join here. On June 3, they will play friendly matches with Croatia in Anfield. Austria will face another warm-up game on 10 June in Vienna. Will leave on June 11 in Russia. Brazil’s first match after three days of inauguration of the World Cup on June 14. Protagonist Switzerland

Brazil’s World Cup team

Goalkeeper: Alison (Roma), Arsenal (Man City), Casio (Corinthians).

Defender: Marcelo (Real), Danilo (Man City), Thiago Silva (PSG), Philip Lewis (Atletico), Fagner (Corinthians), Marquinhas (PSG), Miranda (Inter Milan), Pedro Jeromele (Gremio).
Midfielder: Willian (Chelsea), Fernandinho (Man City), Paulinho (Barca), Renato Agusto (Beijing Guan), Cassimiro (Real), Filipp Kutiniho (Barca) Fred (Shakhtar).

Forward: Neymar (PSG), Gabriel Jesús (Man City), Roberto Ferminino (Liverpool), Douglas Costa (Juventus), Tyson (Shakhtar).

Brazil's 23 man World Cup squad.
Brazil’s 23 man World Cup squad.