Pepsi Sponsored Anthem “¡Allá Se Juega, Acá Lo Vives!”

With Coca-Cola launching an official theme song for the World Cup in Russia, Pepsi is not far behind as they sponsored Colombian singer Carlos Vives for his 2018 FIFA World Cup Anthem called “¡Allá Se Juega, Acá Lo Vives!”

Any fan of Colombian singer/songwriter Carlos Vives knows that he has two passions: music and fútbol (soccer). He’s finally combined them to celebrate the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia with a new song and Pepsi anthem called “¡Allá Se Juega, Acá Lo Vives!”
The song was released along with a music video recorded in Pescaíto, Santa Marta. Vives invites everyone to live and celebrate this era of fútbol — which begins soon — by playing a game as if they were on the court.

” It’s a story with a sense of belonging, which has to do with what Colombia represents for me. I am very happy to be part of it because it has to do with our people, their joy and their culture. This campaign is the way to say, I stay at home, “says Carlos Vives. (source: