Brazil got 2-0 goals in the knockout stage of the World Cup.

Serbia’s eyes were won by winning one match. If they were able to beat Brazil, they could have reached the knockout stage. But the team could not keep the match in the match. Neymar-Polinho-managed to handle the millionaire and did not know the trap of the Brazilian attack even with extraordinary attacks.

They got some simple opportunities and they failed to give a great result. However, they had to spend much of their time in attacking Brazil. As the age of the match increased, Brazil has dominated.

In the second group E Group, Switzerland scored 2-2 against Costa Rica. Swiss teammate Brazilian partner with five points in the next round Brazil in the last sixteenth match will face Mexico And Switzerland will fight against Sweden.

Brazilian-Serbia has not been able to play football for a long time in the first half. At the beginning, Neymar passed the shot from the millionaire shot Serbia. Then the two parties forgot to attack. The ball only rotates in the middle. They are playing a lot of haphazard football Thus, for about 14 minutes Meanwhile, the Brazilian camp touches the frustration. The reason behind the injury is to leave the field for the Brazilian defense guard Marcelo. He is replaced by Philip Lewis in the Brazilian coaches.

Serbia goes on strike in 14 minutes. But the shots taken outside of Philippe Kostik’s D box could not have been protected by Brazil. Then again, ten minutes of rivalry, the two teams ran. However, Brazil’s return to rhythm after the length of the match increased.

Serbia returned Neymar’s foot in 25 minutes. Gabriel Hessus receives a great opportunity in 29 minutes In front was only a defender and Serbian goalkeeper Stojkovic But he could not utilize the opportunity.

In the 34th minute, Alexander Mitrovic’s shot went a lot. Two minutes later, Matan Pallinno celebrated the Festival of the Brazilian camp.

The goal of the last two matches, a long pass from the millionaire pass of the ball, Polinha foot gently touches the goal of the ball. Polinho just touched the legs as they were floating in the D box. Strazkovic was stuck with the ball to catch the Serbia’s net.

Serbia, after 1-0 goals, increased the attack. But clearly they could not create a chance. Serbia could not take a shot in the first half after defeating Brazil’s defense In the last minute of the first half, they had got to dig another round. But outside the D box, Neymar’s extraordinary shot went out of the circle.

Back from the break, it became more swift in the 13 matches without an unbeaten record against Brazil They continue to attack. However, they could not make the scoring goals.

Serbia, desperate to score a goal, is back in the semi-finals. In the 55th minute, Sergei Milinkovic took the shot from Adam Lijic’s pass. But his shot did not find the address of Brazil’s net.

Serbia has suddenly become one of the other teams in 60 minutes. They made the Brazilian defense in the drawn attack. They made an excellent opportunity in the 61st minute. Adem Zagich took a great shot But Brazil’s goalkeeper Alison dropped his shot,

Alexander Mitrovych, who heads to come back Brazil saved the Thiago Silva Serbia, after the possibility of two more goals in the 63rd and 65th minute. But the goal is to avoid the gold deer.

After a while, the Serbians have to lag behind. In the 68th minute, Neymar scored a magnificent header from the corner kick to the goal by leading Brazil 2-0, the thiago silva, one of the best weapons defense of Selesao. During the rest of the match, the attack was counter-attacked, but no team found the goal.

Brazil vs Serbia Highlights 2018