Germany defeated South Korea by 2-0 goals They were knocked out in the group stage for the first time since 1938.

বিশ্বকাপের ইতিহাসে আর একটি বড় অঘটন!
বিশ্বকাপের ইতিহাসে আর একটি বড় অঘটন!

The Germans were behind the opportunity in the first half. They did not get along with South Korean garbage protection. World champions got a free kick from the dangerous place right in the 11th minute. Opponent defending Tony Crus’s bending kick

South Korea took a tough test in 19 minutes by German goalkeeper Manuel Nayar. The Golden Glove of the World Cup won by punishing San Hugh-Min shot from Jung’s free kick. After 5 minutes the Koreans got the second chance. Sun shots from the front of the face of Golmukh passed on the side of the goalbar.

In the 39th minute, the German goal was reversed by the South Korean goalkeeper. Getting the ball from the corner, the attack took a shot at the goal, to take it from Cho Huun-Wu Two minutes before the break, Timo Berner’s shot hit the post and missed.

After returning from the break, GO saved the Germans In the 47th minute, Goretakake jumped right to the left and the Korean goalkeeper. Burner’s weak strikes from Ozil’s corner went on the side of goalie in 64 minutes. Four minutes later, Mario Gomez’s head took a look. In the 79th minute, Kimmich had to fail. Outside the box, the crease taken in the 84th minute of the cruise goes on the goalbar. Gomes could not help in the 87th minute from the front of the Ozil cross-face. He could not have been able to head, he bowed on the shoulder and missed. In the next minute, the thieves did not have much trouble stopping the low-pitched cruise of the cruise.

Germany have been struggling at the first and sixth minute of the injury period.

MATCH HIGHLIGHTS : Korea Republic v Germany – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia