Taskin’s bamboo wave in Brazil’s win

The second round was confirmed in Brazil. However, the European country Serbia was literally a tough opponent. However, Neymar and Kong made effortlessly to win a 2-0 win. Neimara did not allow the possibility of any danger. Although he could not score goals, Neymar was a goalkeeper.

Other goals were made by Quinino. Brazil’s goal came from Paulininho’s legs and Thiago Silva’s head. Serbia needed to win the second round and win the Brazilian draw. With such an equation, Brazil and Serbia in the ground at the Spartak Stadium in Moscow.

To ensure the second round, where only the draw was needed, and Brazil lost 2-0 to Sergio. Because of this, winning the match is a little more fun. And so after the victory, supporters of bamboobhanga enthusiasts. Of these, the cricket stars do not stop.

Taskin Ahmed, a young pressure coach of Brazil’s national team, is one of them. He shared the joy of Brazil with this wonderful victory. Taskin posted a picture wearing Brazilian jersey on his Verify Facebook page, “Yes, we are the winner, now just waiting for the second round.”