Sports and Sportz was named as the official vendor as the Bangladesh Cricket Board on Monday unveiled its plan to put the replica of national team jersey on sale for the first time.
The BCB took the initiative ahead of 2019 ICC World Cup, scheduled from May 30 to July 14 in United Kingdom.
The chief executive officer of BCB, Nizamuddin Chowdhury told New Age that they chose Sports and Sportz for next one year as official vendor as a test case.

There was no formal bidding for the job, but Nizamuddin said the company had deposited a certain amount of money to BCB’s coffer before securing the commercial rights.
The BCB chief executive, however, did not disclose the amount.
‘We will see if they try to make an extra-profit from the venture. The price of the jersey has to be reasonable,’ he said.

Mehtabuddin Anwar Ahmad, the owner of Sports and Sportz, earlier at a press conference said they were yet to decide the price of the jersey.
The replica jersey will be available in different outlets across the country from April 25.
Bangladesh will begin their World Cup mission on June 2 against South Africa at the Oval.