Ronaldo's bodyguards are twin brothers who fought in Afghanistan

Ronaldo's bodyguards are twin brothers who fought in Afghanistan
Cristiano Ronaldo, the football superstar of the Portuguese national football team and English Premier League team Manchester United. Two bodyguards were seen with Ronaldo as he flew to Switzerland to play in a Champions League match in September. The media has been reporting the identities of these two bodyguards for so long. One of the two bodyguards was named Sergio Ramaleiro and the other was Jorge Ramaleiro. The two brothers were members of the Portuguese police before going to war in Afghanistan.

According to the Portuguese celebrity magazine Flush, Sergio and George have another brother. The name is Alexandre Ramaleiro. He is still working in the police. All three were born at the same time. Ronaldo's two bodyguards were asked by the Portuguese police to go on unpaid leave. If they have any other goal, the police department has asked them to pay attention to it. After that Ronaldo's two brothers got the call.

A source told local media, "Sergio and Jorge wear elite clothes. Although they look normal. Can blend into the crowd. The two bodyguards met Ronaldo at the Manchester airport on their way to the Champions League match against the Swiss team Young Boys.

Ronaldo has recently strengthened his security. Ronaldo has already heard that he has become a 'target' of criminal gangs. That is why security should be strengthened.

Earlier, Ronaldo's bodyguard was a former mixed-martial arts player and another former paratrooper serving in the elite force. -Its Incredibly Sporting . our main focus provide more in-depth sports related information to all internet user . Primary we focus on cricket & football . in near future we will provide all sports related information

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