Romantic moment on the IPL field

No matter what happens in the gallery of the cricket ground during the game. Lately, it has become very popular to go to the gallery and propose marriage to the lover, wearing a ring on his hand. Frequent occurrences. This time in the middle of the IPL, the doves were seen kissing.

That scene courtesy of the TV camera is now viral on social sites.
Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals met in Pune yesterday in the tenth match of IPL. Suddenly, the broadcaster's camera gazed at the viewers. That's when the two young women were seen kissing. There is a lively discussion on the social site. One wrote, 'IPL has a camera to take pictures of kissing. ‘Someone ate again,’ I told the cameraperson, it was good. ' -Its Incredibly Sporting . our main focus provide more in-depth sports related information to all internet user . Primary we focus on cricket & football . in near future we will provide all sports related information

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